Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hoist Them Upon Their Own Petards

After wrestling with the happening of the cold blooded murder of George Tiller, M.D., as well as the dearth of an acceptable response from the likes of those who had labelled Dr. Tiller in the past as a "killer," and in light of the the purely vitriolic yet vapid rhetoric from the right aimed at, among other things, President Obama [for example, by continuing to maintain he is not an American born citizen, inferring he is not the lawful President], I have settled on a solution of sorts.

While reasonable minds may disagree, political discourse has become poisoned.  Now we have to hear, with the party's imprimatur, actor Jon Voight term the President a "false prophet."  Really, Mr. Voight?  Really?  Like you would know?

Anyway, I am getting off track.  

My very targeted solution, and I admit it is a flawed solution, is for Mrs. Jeane Tiller, grieving widow of the murdered doctor, to sue Operation Rescue, Fox News and Bill O'Reilly.  Sue their nattering pants off.  

On what grounds, RayRay, you, my gentle readership might ask?  I say take a page from the playbook of the Southern Poverty Law Center and sue them for incitement to commit violence.

Recent lawsuits by the SPLC has gone to great lengths to bankrupt, and thereby defang, such hate groups as the Aryan Nations and sects of the Ku Klux Klan.  These successful suits use as one of their causes of action the incitement of certain individuals to commit violence.

Operation Rescue uses Biblical Apocalyptic language in their exhortations, taking its political cause outside the realm of political rhetoric.  When invoking the name of God to come and smite a baby murderer, where is the possibility of political discourse?  When past violence is but prologue to even more bloodshed, where can reasonable minds come together?  And more importantly, what can the reasonable mind infer will be the rational result of such admonitions?

Is not the "lone wolf" the intended consequence?

Bill O'Reilly is another phenomenon altogether.  Loudly self proclaimed to be the most popular man in his genre of cable "news," Mr. O'Reilly occupies another stratosphere than Operation Rescue.  He is well monied as a result of his often vitriolic and bombastic opinions.

But maybe with respect to the murder of Dr. Tiller, and perhaps the issue of abortion in general, Mr. O'Reilly has crossed the line.

Here is a Youtube link to but one discussion between Mr. O'Reilly and a pro-choice advocate, Amy Richards, speaking in depth about Dr. Tiller, his work, and abortion.  You will notice the choice of words Mr. O'Reilly uses, namely "execute babies."  He also uses the classic fallacious argument about "irrefutable evidence" which he does not deign to disclose, and therefore it is unchallengeable, yet somehow always inures to the benefit of his side of the story.  He also conflates the argument of having an abortion with permitting a rapist to "get away with" rape, without seeking to discuss the complex issues of criminal procedure and privacy.  Finally, when confounded by his opponent's intransigence, he becomes an ogre and screams at her.  Truthfully, this segment is illuminating as to O'Reilly's personality.

But his closing remarks that his opponent, Amy Richards, was working to "allow babies to be killed for any reason at all" only highlights my point.  If that were the real issue involved, then how can any right thinking person not hunt Ms. Richards down and kill her, if only to save those innocent babies.

And it is not as if Bill O'Reilly doesn't know who his audience is.  It is no secret that he is popular among the more conservative segment of the population, tending more toward the anti-choice, pro-gun crowd.

So, what is Bill O'Reilly's intended consequence when he uses such words and phrases?  I can with confidence say it is not the well being of Ms. Richards.

I for one have had enough of this baloney.  Bill O'Reilly, with his extra high soap box and his ultra self righteousness has finally crossed a line.  He, and his patron, Fox News, must pay.  This is not a matter of free speech.  This is a matter of incitement to commit violence, which is most certainly not protected free speech.

So, Mrs. Tiller, with the highest of respect for the graveness of your situation, when the terrors in your mind have quieted but a little and you can muster the strength, I ask you to bring suit against Operation Rescue, Bill O'Reilly, and Fox News.  Bring suit for their part in the incitement of that animal Roeder to kill your husband in cold blood.  Bring suit to bankrupt their bank accounts like they have already bankrupted religion and their own souls.  And even if you cannot win in Court, you will make them have to defend, on the national stage, their disgusting words about your husband.  And if you make them do that, it will be as good as if you won a verdict.  Because they will have to take off their masks of self righteousness and defend the indefensible.

And then, with a little luck, no one will listen to them anymore.  And you will have won but a small piece of solace, for yourself and us all.  

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