Friday, June 12, 2009

Palin-Letterman Row: Is Caribou Barbie Craving Attention?

The recent brouhaha betwixt our northernmost governor and late night talk show host, David Letterman, is heating up to a gentle simmer. Is this really that important? No, but it's Friday, and the news cycle is going to slow down any minute.

In your humble author's humble opinion, Mrs. Palin is feeling the lack of the heat from the lack of the national spotlight, and is doing anything she can to make a Federal case out of Letterman's lowbrow humor. Mrs. Palin has gone so far as to try to make a cause out of a stupid joke.

To recap, Palin was visiting New York, and at the invitation of former mayor Rudy Giuliani, she attended a Yankee's game with her 14 year old daughter, Willow. Afterward, Letterman made a crude joke about how Palin's "daughter got knocked up Alex Rodriguez." He did not specify which daughter it was.

Well, Mama Grizzly got all up in Letterman's grill, saying he shouldn't make perverted jokes about 14 year olds getting knocked up and statutory rape. Even Iron Dog racing champ Todd Palin got in on the act. Letterman apologized for his joke in bad taste, and that he was not referring to the 14 year old Willow, but her 18 year old daughter Bristol who, in fact, had been knocked up, which was notoriously revealed on the stage of the Republican National Convention. Bristol Palin gave birth to a son in December. To date there are no new reports of her being knocked up again.

Unable to just let it go, and apparently compelled make her family the center of media attention, Mrs. Palin has termed Letterman's apology a "weak, convenient excuse." She has also termed his joke as contributing to the "atrociously high rate of exploitation of minors by older men.."

She said "atrociously high rate." Wow, I didn't know it was an epidemic. Must have missed the report on Studio B.

So now she has made a cause out of a stupid joke. Next up The Willow Palin Center for the Prevention of Underage Exploitation? Come on, Governor. You put your kids front and center, which put your parenting skills front and center. So if someone, like Letterman, wants to make a joke in bad taste about your family and one of your daughters getting knocked up out of wedlock, that's your own fault for putting them out there.


  1. Now imagine IF ANYONE had said this about Chelsea Clinton? They would have been fired on the spot!
    The biggest issue here is the hypocrisy.
    BTW is has been Letterman and the other members of the stae run media that have been discussing/giving Palin (negative) attention.

  2. You are guilty of baloney. Worse things WERE said about Chelsea Clinton, by none other than Boss Limbaugh. Don't play yourself, Faux Rumors.