Sunday, May 24, 2009

His Debt is Paid, Let Him Get Back To Work

Michael Vick, the former electrifying quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, has recently been released from prison after serving his sentence in connection with his involvement in a dog fighting ring.  Now it is time to get off his back and let the man get back to work, to wit, being an NFL quarterback.

But some people out there are giving him, and the NFL heat.  They should just stop.

Allow me to say that the allegations Vick eventually pled guilty to turned my stomach.  I have two dogs, and they are like people to me.  I would kill anyone who hurt either of them.

That being said, Michael Vick has paid for his crime with everything he once had.  He lost his good name, his freedom and his fortune.  All he has left is his arm and his legs.  Let him use them both, without delay.

I never witnessed the piling on that happened to Michael Vick, and continues to happen.  Apparently, PETA, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, a bunch of hypocrites is there ever was one, want Vick to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to prove his remorse.

Uh, PETA, go to Hell.  Who are you people that you would be entitled to ask for such a thing?

And Roger Goodell, don't listen to these people.  First, NFL fans don't overlap much with PETA members, so you won't be hurting your bottom line.  Second, PETA has killed more puppies than Vick killed fighting dogs, so they can go to Hell.  Third, Vick is entitled to redeem himself after already paying an enormous price.

Let's be serious: Michael Vick never killed a human being.  He never laid a hand on a human being.  He abused dogs, which, no matter how much you or I love them, or how much the hypocritical PETA says they love them, it is not murder.  Lay off the man.

People should be entitled to resume their lives as good citizens after they have paid their debt to society.  Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens was permitted back in the NFL, and he was involved in a murder.  

Also, this is an elucidating example of what our society does to those who have paid their debt after a release from prison.  Vick was a world class athlete, with over $100 million in contracts and endorsements.  As of now he has almost nothing.  What if he were already poor and from an impoverished area, and society is piling on like this, which is does?  What chance would a person have to resume being productive once again?  The answer we all know is very small, and we also know that this is a big reason why ex-cons return to crime.

So let's take a lesson from this.  Let's ignore PETA, let's allow Vick to play, and let's all get on with our lives as we permit Vick to do so.

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