Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poor Widdle Wimbaugh

Awwwwwwwwww.................................the poor little rich kid, who got, er, uh, stayed fat while saying just about anything that came to his hate filled little mind got a taste of comeuppance this weekend, and needed his entire gang, er, uh, GOP, to run to his rescue.

Yeah, Rush, maybe saying you want the country to fail is just like saying you hate America first. Maybe you funded the 9/11 attack? I dunno, you never denied it.

Maybe you need to take a break and have a week of reruns. It's not like anyone would notice. You've been playing hate on a loop for what, 15 years now? Amazing how well spastic vitriol sells both here and in Muslim countries.

So when you were calling everyone not in thrall to the former chump in charge a traitor in the run-up the the Iraq Debacle [now 6+ years post Mission Accomplished] it was okay, but you being called out by a black woman at the White House Correspondents Dinner is not?

Is this like the Colin Powell endorsement "all about race" ? Because I would have a hard time thinking about you like that. Actually, the reverse in true.

So here's to your kidneys failing, Rush, you old Junkie. Hey, by the way, that's a good book by someone who shares your greatest love: narcotics. Hey, didn't you once say something to the effect that all drug addicts should be deported? Why are you still here?

Your hypocrisy knows few, if any bounds. You're like a fat kid on little blues with Tourettes, except that is offensive to people with Tourettes. More like the fat kid on little blues that needs someone to say: stop eating, fatso, and stop taking illegal drugs you had your maid smuggle for you, you lying sack of feces, and stop acting like you know anything about anything, aside from where to get more little blues.

Haha, just kidding, Rush. Wait, no I'm not.

By the way, Rush, are you willing to be waterboarded for charity? Your buddy, Hannity flaked, and I suspect it's because he is a wussy. Ya know, talks tough, but really isn't. I'll set it up: $1,000 per second, and all the money will go the the families of dead U.S. servicemen. I'll be sitting by the phone, you buffoon.

But not holding my breath.

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