Monday, May 18, 2009

Sean Hannity: Black Hole of Integrity

I was in a tad of a masochistic mood this afternoon, so I put on the Sean Hannity radio show as he was interviewing J.C. Watts. The subject of the bulk of the conversation that I heard, which was about 10 minutes, was about Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and her struggle right now with the CIA.

Now, I am on record that if Pelosi has to pay a political price for either not acting on information then, or falsifying information now, so be it. I do not root for a party like I root for a football team.

But I heard Hannity go on and on about how she lied, and therefore she is unfit to be Speaker [as if he knows any of the actual requirements to be Speaker of the House], and also how her accusations that the CIA lied to her undermined the CIA and national security.

My observations are thus:

1) Sean Hannity ignored the 10,000 lb elephant [pun intended] in the room, as the real debate is about torture, not Pelosi's knowledge of torture. This is about a million times more damaging and dangerous for the GOP than for Pelosi. Once again, she is a straw man. Just so it is now crystal clear: if the prior administration told Nancy Pelosi, when she was not Speaker of the House, that they were torturing people, that is NOT A DEFENSE TO TORTURING PEOPLE.

2) Sean Hannity is under the delusion that the CIA is incapable of lying to a member of Congress, or he is simply not being honest [gasp!]. Well, the CIA lied, or aided and abetted lying, to Congress, the American people, and the world with the whole "yellowcake" debacle. Have IQ's on the fringe right dropped suddenly? Sean, are you dipping into your pal Rush's stash? Can I quote George Tenet, the guy who received a Preidential Medal of Freedom for his lies and coverups, about Iraq's possession of WMD: "Slamdunk." Slam this, Seany.

3) That Sean Hannity lacks the integrity to actually talk about the very serious issue of torture, and this is probably his worst trait. To attempt to raise another person's credibility as an issue, when in reality the issue is not their credibility but the criminal acts in violation of both domestic and internaitonal laws by a third party is disingenuous, as well as a logical fallacy. Further, it is clear that Hannity's intent is, by extension, to DEFEND TORTURE!! As such, Hannity is a singularity of truth and integrity, where both go to die in the black hole that is his twisted morality.

4) Sean Hannity is an abject coward. I did not hear him mention once on the show today that he will proudly be waterboarded for charity, as he was challenged weeks ago by Charles Grodin and Keith Olbermann. To paraphrase Shakespeare: how many times have you tasted death so far, you yellow bellied slime?

5) J.C. Watts, to his credit, did not charge on the offense and readily agree with Hannity. He didn't defend Pelosi, per se, but he certainly equivocated, as I do believe that he understands that there is more at stake than just the Madame Speaker.

6) That Hannity, by pushing this angle, has no idea what he is doing. If Pelosi, a very powerful woman, is pushed to fight for her political life, she can do a great deal of lasting damage not only to the members of adminstrations passed, but to the Republican Party as whole. What is lost on him apparently, while stuck in his ivory tower of self righteousness, is that if the CIA told Pelosi, then the CIA must have also briefed a number of GOP lawmakers, like the then Speaker, Dennis Hastert. And if this goes far enough, this isn't going to be about Truth Commissions. This is going to be about Special Prosecutors.

So, Sean, by all means, keep stiring the pot. Keep going at the Speaker. I will trade you one lousy, overly ambitious, undertalented Congressman from California for the entirety of the Bush legacy. I will happily watch your Faux News show the day they frogmarch that "Great American" Dick Cheney into a supermax.

That would be a great day. A great day, indeed.

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