Saturday, May 23, 2009

New York City State of Mind

Lately there has been a great deal of handwringing on both sides of the aisle because if President Obama closes Guantanamo Bay we will, gasp, have to bring the prisoners therein to the shores of the United states. 

Among these yellow bellies are Democratic Senators from Montana, Max Baucus and John Tester, who really don't want Guantanamo Bay prisoners in Big Sky Country, even if the small town of Hardin, Montana does.

Hardin built a 400+ bed prison a few years ago, but since then they haven't housed prisoners, and the town is hurting financially.  So the town fathers have volunteered to house prisoners from Gitmo.  Kudos to you, Hardin, Montana.  America, and the Witch Hunt, salute you.

Meanwhile, New York City, the only American city to be hit twice by so called Islamo-fascist terror attacks, one of those the biggest terrorist act in history, where a half dozen terrorists were tried back in 90's, and is going to be first to try Al Qaeda suspect from Guantanamo, is still going strong.  Apparently, New Yorkers didn't get the memo that suddenly being afraid of terrorist attacks was back in fashion.  Rather, New Yorkers get on the biggest mass transit system in the country on a daily basis and go to work, and then come back home the same way.  New York City's jails have and will hold terrorists, and New Yorkers will nary give it a second thought.  Oh, and a jihadist "plot" was just disrupted in the Bronx.  Most people didn't notice, and more don't care.

Long the whipping boy of the far right punditry for being too cosmopolitan and not part of 'real America,' the inference being New York was not manly like the South and West, it appears the Big Apple has once again raised its mantle of being the home of the toughest and strongest Americans.  Apparently, the Counties of New York, Kings, Queens, Richmond, and the Bronx are where real Americans live now.

While faux tough guys, like Floridian Joe Scarborough [sorry, Joe] fret about becoming a target for Al Qaeda, New Yorkers go about their everyday business without telegraphing fear all over cable tv, even though New York is the biggest, and really only, target for Al Qaeda.  Big deal. Get over yourselves.  

Rather, act like New Yorkers, and defeat Al Qaeda by not being afraid.  It's the only real way to combat "terror."

So to Rush, and Sean, and Ann, and Laura, and Bill, and each and every pinhead on cable tv and in Congress that has called New York City anything but the best of America, I say this: New York City to Pinheads: DROP DEAD! 

In related news, I just wan to state that the garbage surrounding rebuilding the World Trade Center site is terrible.  On September 12, 2001, I wanted the Twin Towers built again.  I still want those towers rebuilt, so badly that I can feel it in my bones.  Well, if the fools running the show, beginning with Giuliani and moving forward had only said the obvious from the word go, those soaring pillars of the sky would have been returned to the greatest skyline in the world.   Instead there is a hole in the ground that tourists take photos of.  

In the obtuse language of the internet: Epic Fail.

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